ARDS Confident Drilling Technique

  • Shorter healing  process
Saving 40% of the bone by reducing the amount of drilled bone
  • Immediate implant after extraction in almost every case
Significantly shortening the process of bone-implant integration due to a unique design of the implant which increases bone-implant contact in the surgery phase (in comparison with conventional implants of the same diameter).
  • Maximum primary stability
ARDS drilling technique combined with the shape of the Smart implant results in the compression of the spongiosal bone around the apical part of the implant during its insertion. Thus, load forces are equally distributed along the entire implant and not only at its upper threads, as in common implants held mostly at the cortical bone.
  • Implanting in problematic areas
ARDS drilling technique enables precise control over the placement and shape of the bore hole. This is attainable by the use of leading pins which direct the drill at the correct angle throughout the process and stabilize it, also in narrow ridges or extraction sites.

The result is a safe, simple, methodical and user-friendly implant process, suited for every dentist.

Click picture to play ARDS Implants Confident drilling technique animation: