ARDS Drilling Technique

ARDS Pin Guided Drilling Technique

Our ARDS PGD Drilling technique is a unique, precise and simple bone preserving minimal drilling technique that saves up to 40% of the bone. It enables a Simple, Accurate, Fast and Easy placement of implants - SAFE!

  • Shorter healing process due to reducing the amount of drilled bone
  • Maximum primary stability with the SMART implant
  • Immediate implant after extraction in almost all cases
  • Easier to implant in problematic areas (narrow ridges or extraction sites) due to the use of leading pins enabling precise drilling control
  • Cost-effective solution that is easy to master and saves time
  • Perfect technique for beginners in implantology

The result is a Simple, Accurate, Fast and Easy, methodical and user-friendly implant process, suited for every dentist.

Click picture to play ARDS Implants PGD drilling technique animation:

Enables to change direction before losing boneAccurate leading of the bigger drillsImplanting in problematic areasAfter drilling only 2mm and placing the leading pins, the final result is clear. No unwanted changes and surprises!A complex case becomes a simple case even in a fully edentulous jawAchieve parallelity with ease