The Smart implant is a dual thread internal hex implant, slightly tapered at its lower part with a 3.75mmØ universal platform.

The Smart's unique dual thread design and exceptionally large surface area enables optimal grip of the implant both in the cortical and the spongiosal bone, thus creating excellent primary stability and equal distribution of forces along the implant. The Smart is self tapping and compresses the bone as each thread penetrates deeper than the one before.

The Smart is suitable for all bone types including especially low quality bones. 
  • All smart implants are packagetogether with a single use leading pin
  • ARDS Confident Drilling technique is recommended for use with the Smart implants but standard drilling is optional as well
  • Smart 3mm, packaged together with a healing cap
  • Smart 3.75mm
  • Smart 4.2mm
  • Smart 4.5mm