Our Implants

All our implant systems are designed for maximum bone-implant contact and primary stability. Both conical and hex connections are available across the range.

Implant Sizes






CIT Implants


Specially designed for hard and mixed type bones and useful for narrow ridges.

  • Sand-blasted and acid etched.      
  • Self-tapping apex.
  • Wide reverse buttress threads for cortical compression.
  • Sharp cutting reverse buttress threads for smooth hard bone.
  • Quadruple micro threads at the collar.

Smart Implants


The intelligent choice for soft bone, especially near the maxillary sinus.

  • Sand-blasted and acid etched.      
  • Rounded apex – safe under the sinus.
  • Wide, deep apical “V” threads to compress and stimulate soft cancellous bone.
  • Quadruple micro threads at collar.

Classic Implants

Tried and tested. This balanced workhorse will perform well in most situations.

  • Sand-blasted and acid etched.      
  • Self-tapping and cutting apex.
  • Wide, deep apical reverse buttress threads for cortical compression.
  • Quadruple micro threads at collar.

Premium Implants

Our hygienic tissue-level implant.

  • Sand-blasted  and acid etched body.
  • Self-tapping flattened apex.
  • Reverse buttress threads throughout
  • Wider apical threads for cortical compression
  • Sharp, cutting coronal threads.
  • Smooth, machined collar for hygiene and cleansability.

Omega Implants

Our state-of-the-art zygomatic implant system.

  • Sand-blasted and acid etched zygomatic portion.
  • Self-tapping apex.
  • Gentle reverse buttress threads.
  • Smooth, machined maxillary portion.
  • External hex connection available in with angulations.